Parfum Naturale


The Sultress Parfum Naturale 

The natural perfumes are hand created using precious aromatic extracts from the plant world. These offer a unique sensory experience, taking you close to nature. I do not use any synthetic aromas or animal derived extracts in my blending.  For the spray parfums I use 100% grain ethanol from Kaiapoi distillery. All spray parfums are parfum strength. This means between 15-30% of the product is aromatic extracts. There is no dilution with water. Eau de parfum is 5-15% and eau de toilette is <5%. Eau de cologne is the weakest.

Parfum has the best longevity and is designed to add to pulse points in small amounts, rather than liberally spraying all over. For a layering effect there are the aromatic body oils to complement your parfum.

The solid parfums are blended at eau de parfum strength (but are water free). These are deisgned to only be used on pulse points.


 1. Why are some of the extracts use in the spray parfume but not the body oils?

Some extracts are solid or semi solid and need to be dissolved in ethanol over a period of time. Ethanol and water do not mix.

2. What do the different extracts mean- what is the difference between an absolute and a CO2 extract?

Some plants like jasmine and rose are too delicate to be subjected to the heat of distillation, so are extracted using a range of solvents and the end product is called an absolute. Some other extracts are also produced using CO2 which means different consitutents not present in the essential oil are extracted. Often these extracts are closer to the aroma of the plant when growing. It adds a complexity to a blend.

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