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The Sultress Body Massage Oils

I taught relaxation, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage for many years, and have taught 100s of people to be professional therapists. I also ran a small massage clinic and used massage in my nursing practice on my intensive care patients. As well as massaging my critically ill patients, I taught families how to safely touch and gently massage their ill family member.

I have developed this range of specialty massage oils drawing on my 30+ years in this field. These oils have just the right texture and 'slip' for relaxation massage, where the focus is on long gliding strokes (effleurage), as well as gentle kneading (petrissage). The oil absorbs into the skin, without a greasy feel, and allows the massager to focus on specific muscles as well. Whist these products are designed for massage some people also use as general body oils for  moisturisation.

The oils have various light aromas, using premium essential oils which have specific properties. They are safe for pregnancy and for children over one year old.

Each massage oil is in a blended base of NZ golden hempseed oil, which is light, hydrating and rich in essential fatty acids, organic sunflower oil, which is almost the perfect oil for massage, and the addition of organic, palm free fractionated coconut oil helps make the blend feel light and absorbant.

Retail 200 ml amber glass bottle with pump.

 I can also supply commerical refills in 1kg and do custom therapeutic blends.


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