Aromatic Adventures Update

Aromatic Adventures Update


I am now back after an inspiring weekend reconnecting with my aromatic buddies at the NZROHA Aromatic Sustainability Conference, held in Auckland 6/7 April. I was on the organising committee for the event and we hosted the amazing Robbi Zeck for the weekend. Robbi is an inspiring international speaker, and I have taken two her Aroma tours in the past.

My business, Aromatic Adventures provided samples of the unique rose lemongrass oil and a paper copy of the article I wrote about the oil. I have a small amount of this oil available for sale, which I brought in directly from the grower in india who developed the unique chemotype over many years. It is high in rhodinol, which gives it the rosy aroma.

The website is now fully functional with all current products loaded. It has been so much fun creating new labels and sorting packaging, but these things always take time. I hope you love the new labels!

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I have spent some time souricng the precious aroamtic extratcs I use in the parfums and massage oils. Most of my raw materials come from the USA or UK, so I have to factor in those additional costs.

 So far one of my most popular products has been the personal blend. I have selected a range of essential oils, absolutes and CO2 which the client can choose from to create a blend.

One question I have been asked a few times is "what is the difference between the aromatic body oils and the massage oils?" Both are designed to be used on the body. the Aromatic Body oils however are designed to be used as body treat in small amounts- they contain extremely precious extracts, and are in a higher percentage. the base oils are also a more luxurious feel, designed to hydrate and treat the skin, soaking in. the aromas have been devised to support other perfumes, such as the ones I create or your own. The massage oils have a differnt base, and are designed to be applied to the body, and where there is some working of muscles required. The 'slip' or feel of the oil is different as it is meant to initally stay on the surface of the skin so that muscles can be worked. This applies whether you are self massaging, doing therapeutic or relaxation massage. The oil will soak into the skin after the massage, but will have a less greasy feel.

All the aromatic body oils and massage oils are made fresh to order so you are getting the freshest possible product.

A key ingredient in my aromatic body oils is NZ Golden hempseed oil, which I source direct from the producer, Hemp Connect- I am totally in love with this oil-the hemp is grown in the North Island, it is refined lightly to remove the nutty odour, however it is still a premium porudtc full if rich essential oil fatty acds. Do have a look at their wesbite as they offer some great nutritional products derived from hemp. (This is not an ad and I do not receive any benefit from promoting this- I just want to support what they do)

Thank you for reading this post and here is a code to get 10% off the website for your first order. enter code BLOG1 at checkout. Aromatically yours Wendy

Posted: Saturday 13 April 2024

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