Rose Goddess

Rose Goddess
A complex harmony of rose scented plants giving a balanced blend with the addition or organic rosehip oil as an extra skin treat.
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Rose Goddess Body Oil

The inspiration for the Rose Goddess body oil grew after I spent time in Turkey (now Turkiye) in 2007 and helped harvest roses at dawn. I then got to experience the various extraction processes, from absolutes, to the ultra precious otto, rose wax and rose water. The highlight of the day was to jump into a room full of rose petals and get totally intoxicated in the aroma. I have tried to capture this emotion in this body oil. The blend is balanced by the relative newcomer, Australian rosewood, which is a sustainable option instead of South American rosewood. The Australian oil has a woody, rose aroma, and works as perfect fixative for blends and is sometimetiems called Buddahwood.


Simmondsia chinensis (organic golden jojoba oil), Cannibis sativa (NZ golden hempseed oil), Rosa rubingosa (rose hip oil organic) Addansonia digitata (baobab) oil, Rosa damascena (rose absolute), Pelargonium roseum (organic rose geranium oil), Eremophila mitchelli (Australian rosewood)

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