Natural Perfume Consultancy

Natural Perfume Consultancy
For personal or professional use- create a signature blend
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Developing a personalised aromatic blend involves a number of critical steps.

Firstly a scoping conversation is undertaken to understand the intended purpose for the blend: for example is for a commerical range of range to a specific target population, is for personal use, is it to be used across a range of environmental purposes such as hotel room fragrances, candles or diffusers? is it to be used on skin, or need to comply with any legislation? Most importantly what is the price point

Once I know this I can work on developing samples based on your desired purpose and price.

Finally a working sample (dliuted is made) of around 5gm.

The formula is included in the project fee for you to develop yourself or provide to a manufacturer.

A MSDS and marketing brief is also included.

Please note: I only work with natural plant based aromatic extracts and fractions. I do not work with synthetic aromatics. If specialist aromatics need to be purchased this cost is passed on to the customer with the balance owned by the customer. All blending calculations are by weight (gm).

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