Formulation Review

Formulation Review
This service is a desk top review of your proposed cosmetic formulation, ingredient research.
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Formula Review and Research

As an experienced formulator and small scale manufacturer I have developed hundreds of skincare products which have been sold under various brands around the world. My previous personal brand, Dr. Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care was New Zealand's first genuine 100% natural and botancial skin care range to the market. It was sold in eight counries until 2015, and I specialised in the Asian market. Whist I no longer manufacture products I am able to offer a desktop review service to budding formulators & business owners. Developing products from scratch is a time consuming process, and can be expensive depending on how many interations of sample products are created. My desk top review service helps with easing the stress of developing your own products, drawing on 15 years experience of formulating and even longer involved with aromatics.

 This service may involve the following:

  • Reviewing your ideas and any formulation developed already
  • A scoping exercise to understand what is your brand focus, key sttributes
  • Research into possible ingredients and develop a portfolio of documentation
  • Develop a suggested formula for you to deveop and test your self
  • Provide advice on packaging
  • Provide advice on NZ labelling compliance regulations

The service can involve one product or several at the same time, with a consistent brand story.

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