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Aromatic Hydrosols

These are produced through steam or hydrodisitllation and contain the water soluble components of the plant. I have been disitllign various hydrosols on a small scale for over 20 years. I do not remove any essential oil in the hydrosol. I distill seasonally and on demand. Most of my hydrosols are produced from my own plants (organic and spray free), however I can also do small scale custom distillation of other products (e.g. dry herbs, fresh plant material)

How to use Hydrosols

Hydrosols have a range of uses from room fresheners, hair and beauty products or use to make soaps.

These are distilled fresh to order so you are getting the freshest possible hydrosol. 

1. Lavender (seasonal) January-March- soothing, antiseptic

2. Rosemary- all year round- great as a facial toner, use in hair care products

3. Rose geranium leaves-all year around from pelargonium leaves - use in skin care, as a toner, refreshing room spray

4. Rose attar rose geranium (all year around)- highly scented almost like pure rose

5. Lemon geranium (summer only) - toning and astringent- great for skincare

6. Lemon myrtle (all year around) - a refreshing and uplifting aroma

7. Gardenia (highly seasonal)

8. Osmanthus (highly seasonal)

9. Damask Rose (highly seasonal) 


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